A Treasury of Dharma - Mengak Study Pack, Part 1

"The Way to Inner Peace and Contentment"

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Tuition $165, Mengak Study Pack (MSP) $75 , plus shipping
MSP is required to participate and will be used for all 4 parts (48 sessions in total)
- the teachings are mp3 files include with the Study Pack on 2 Audio CD discs.


Prerequisites: For students who have completed the foundation year who want to continue meditation as their main practice and would like to join the Meditation Mandala.


About the course:

"It has always been my deepest wish for my students to be able to study the teachings and to know the Dharma fully. When we enter the Buddhist path, however, the teachings can often appear to be quite complex. Here, therefore, I have brought all the teachings together in a clear and complete structure, so that everyone can follow and study them, in the most accessible way possible." -- Sogyal Rinpoche

The Mengak Study Pack is an in depth study of Sogyal Rinpoche's heart advice on meditation. The series is presented in 4 modules, each containing 12 sessions. It begins with an overview and then goes on to how best to receive and understand these teachings before entering into more in-depth study. As Sakya Pandita said, “To meditate without having studied is like trying to climb a rock without having arms.” What the teachings give us is the understanding, the tools, of how to actually practice.