A Treasury of Dharma, Ground & Path - Mengak Study Pack, Part 2

(11 sessions)

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Tuition $165
(The same Mengak Study Pack, notes and CDs from part one are used for this course, and are required to participate - they will be used for all 4 courses)



Prerequisites: For students who have completed the foundation year who want to continue meditation as their main practice and are in the Meditation Mandala.


Course Description

In part one of the Mengak Study Pack, we established that in order to find lasting happiness, we need to develop inner peace and contentment. And for that the most important thing is the mind. The uniqueness of the teaching of the Buddha in general and in particular the Tibetan teachings, is the direct know-how, the understanding of the essential nature of mind and how to free the mind.

In the second part of the Mengak Study Pack course the teachings focus on the Ground and Path. The Ground (shyi) is our primordial, original nature, the nature of our mind and the nature of everything. In the general Buddhist teachings, the Ground is also referred to as the ‘buddha nature’ The buddha nature speaks of our potential for enlightenment, the seed of buddha or seed of enlightenment that all of us have within us.

Through study and practice, the Path is a way of realizing the truth of the teachings using special wisdom and compassion methods to transform and free the mind of suffering, and find happiness and peace. On the highest level the Dzogchen teachings are the most direct way to realize the ground of our true nature.


All the Buddhist teachings are explained in terms of “Ground, Path, and Fruition.” The Ground of Dzogchen is this fundamental, primordial state, our absolute nature, which is already perfect and always present. The buddhas recognize their original nature and become enlightened; we do not recognize that nature and so become confused. In the teachings, this state of affairs is called “One Ground, Two Paths.” Our relative condition is that our intrinsic nature is obscured, and we need to follow the teachings and practice in order to return us to the truth: This is the Path of Dzogchen. Finally, to realize our original nature is to attain complete liberation and become a buddha.

Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

This course covers the sections on the Ground and Path in the first part of the Mengak Study Pack. It follows the sequence of section III. Along with a selection of teachings from the MP3 on video, there are:• several excerpts from more recent teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche• four short extracts of study sessions in Lerab Ling conducted by Adam Pearcey. The Ground and Path are the main themes of the course but there is also:• a strong thread to encourage and support study• and another to illustrate how to bring the teachings into the practice. The practices of ché gom and jok gom are revised and recommended as a way of reflecting on these teachings.


Overview of the Course


SESSION ONE: Review of the Three Wisdom Tools, A Definition of Dzogchen

SESSION TWO: Examples used to illustrate the Ground

SESSION THREE: The three qualities of the Ground: (i) Empty Essence

SESSION FOUR: The three qualities of the Ground: (ii) Cognizant Nature

SESSION FIVE: The implications of the Ground

SESSION SIX: The Ground explained simply: who are we?


SESSION EIGHT: Delusion and the self image

SESSION NINE: Conceptual Mind and the eight Consciousnesses

SESSION TEN: Six and Seventh consciousness

SESSION ELEVEN View, meditation and action