Introduction to Bodhichitta , module 1

(5 sessions)
Tuition $80, Optional - 1 DVD (must be played in a computer) $20,
Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack $75 (used for all 9 modules), plus shipping
Prerequisite: For students who have completed a full year of foundation courses


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About module 1

Based on the teachings contained in the Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack, this is the first of nine modules which give a complete training in Bodhichitta, step-by-step and in depth.

In this first course, we will be listening to teachings to inspire our understanding of why we are embarking on this training. We will also be investigating the first step in a progressive development from the basic human feeling of empathy, through to bodhichitta. The course gives an overview of training in compassion including a clarification of compassion, great compassion and bodhichitta.

This series of modules is drawn from teachings given by Sogyal Rinpoche and Patrick Gaffney from 2004 to 2008. The carefully selected extracts are from many of Rinpoche’s most illuminating teachings on bodhichitta. They form the next section of The Mengak Study Pack, entitled ‘Arousing Bodhichitta—the Heart of Enlightened Mind’ and can be regarded as a definitive compilation.

The Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack is a tremendous support for our study and practice at home. It is recommended Rigpa Mandala students get it now, but is not required for this introduction to bodhichitta. For the second module on, it should be part of your study, as it contains the best teachings on audio, along with written study material, and brings together the key points from all the sources.