Invoking the Lama & Precious Human Birth

(9 sessions)

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This course is the first of the Ngöndro 'outer preliminaries,' which covers Invoking the Lama and detailed teachings on the first of the Four Thoughts that turn the mind from samsara.

Invoking the Lama is a unique opportunity to engage in the Vajrayana preliminary practices, which starts once a year. This course begins with an essential practice of invocation, and then starts an in-depth study and reflection on the ‘Four Thoughts’.  The Ngöndro Series is a complete and thorough exposition according to the Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro. Find out more about the Ngöndro at the link below:

Prerequisites: 2 years of Foundation and Further Studies courses or equivalent, or have attended a retreat on an introduction to the Ngöndro or you are a Rigpa Mandala student.

Tuition $160
All the course videos are included online, you can also purchase them on DVD disc (Quicktime format which play on a computer, not on DVD player).
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1 DVD $45 plus shipping,