Compassionate Living

(10 sessions)

Do you find it challenging to watch the news and witness all the problems and suffering in the world? Are you interested in developing your own capacity for compassion but find it hard to maintain on an everyday basis? If these questions connect with your experience you might like to enroll in the new 10-week online workshop, Cultivating Compassion.

Prerequisites: none, open to all
Tuition $175 for 10 sessions


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Workshop description:
We will explore what compassion is, why it might be beneficial to us and the world around us, the possibility of training in a more wholesome way of being, and how we can go about that training.

The workshop allows participants to:
•    Gain knowledge and awareness by looking into different aspects of compassion: from their own point of view and experience, from a modern scientific point of view, as well as from the Buddhist perspective.
•    Deepen and internalize their knowledge and understanding through personal analysis and reflection.
•    Familiarize themselves with the experience of compassion and also establish the habit of compassion, through formal meditation practices as well as activities integrated into everyday life.

The workshop provides a clear set of advice, guidelines and techniques to try out that will help you make compassion a sustainable part of your everyday life. Participants are guided through the program by their own dedicated workshop facilitator, who will be on hand to answer questions and steer a workshop through the materials. The use of two webinars and optional SKYPE sessions for discussion between participants helps to keep the workshop fresh, responsive and relevant to your needs. Allow yourself the opportunity to make a difference in your life and try out this program.

Maureen Cooper

maureen Maureen has been holding workshops on integrating meditation and compassion into everyday life for over twenty years. She has received thorough training in the these practices from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since the late 1970s. In 2004 she established Awareness in Action, a consultancy dedicated to applying these techniques in the workplace. Her approach is practical, down-to-earth and humourous. This is reflected in her book, The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress.

The workshop includes:

  • 26 short video lessons presenting key points for learning, discussion and reflection.

  • Weekly exercises to help you integrate the teachings into your practice and daily life.

  • Forum discussions online where you can share your insights and challenges with fellow participants and receive the support of the community.

  • A written summary for each week along with links to additional materials.

  • Weekly guided practices which can be downloaded for your convenience (mp3 files)

  • Live webinar discussion.
  • Access to all course materials until December 31, 2016


For more information and to register see our new website