Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

(10 sessions)

Prerequisites: Completion of Finding Peace or What Meditation Really Is—An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation, module 1 (Recommended to complete modules 2 & 3 also)

Tuition $155, Manual $18 plus shipping, all course videos are included online.
Optional DVD

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“Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World—An Introduction to Buddhism” offers an introduction to Buddhist ideas and approaches. Taught by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago and passed down by a lineage of masters who studied these words, reflected deeply on their meaning and experienced their truth personally, these principles are as useful today as they were when first spoken in the gardens and groves of India so many years ago. Their timeless applicability comes from the fact that they address the basic human desire find happiness and not any particular social or political environment.

THE PRINCIPAL FOCUSES OF STUDY: This course will give you a simple introduction to Buddhism, its vastness and profundity, its relevance to modern life and the principles governing Buddhist thought and action, as well as an intellectual grasp of its framework. Through it, we hope to open a door to the rich storehouse of wisdom hidden in each of us and to point out some of the tools Buddhism offers us, developed and fine tuned for over a thousand years in the laboratory of the Himalayas, to uncover our true potential and live it to the fullest.